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The information provided on our webstie should not be construed as giving business, legal, or other advice, or warranting as fail proof, the security of information provided through this website. Information provided on this Web site is intended to allow the public immediate access to public information. While all attempts are made to provide accurate, current, and reliable information, recognizes the possibility of human and/or mechanical error. Therefore, makes no representations as to the accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability of the information provided by this web site, and denies any expressed and implied warranty as to the same.

Our data needs to be a faithful and accurate reflection of the public register. Therefore unless our data does not reflect latest data at the Department of State, we cannot change or remove what is on our site.

Our site is updated monthly with information from New York Department of State, although it is possible some changes will take much longer to be reflected on our site. If you notice any discrepancies between data on our site and at New York Secretary of State, you can notify us using the below contact form or email us. You can also notify us if you are a private individual and wish to hide your own personal address on our site. Although we will endeavour to hide this information if requested - and if the address of the relevant web page is provided - we will not suppress other people's data in response to such requests, nor will we remove other company data.

Please provide the full web address of any pages that are out of date or inaccurate (eg Because the Statement of Information - Corporations contains many, many millions of companies and directors, often with very similar names, we will not be able to change or hide any data unless you give us the web page address(URL).

Where the data request is clear and reasonable we will endeavour to make changes within 5 business days, although we do not normally provide email confirmation of changes. Where the request is not clear (for example, if you have not provided the address of the web page that needs changing), we regret that we will not be able to make any changes. - All the information provided on this page is for reference and information purpose. Contact Us  Privacy Policy
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